Our Story


When visiting DeBasement Bar, keep an eye out for many pleasing & intriguing details that are scattered throughout.


Kelly & Ken decided from the start that DeBasement Bar would have a driven goal of providing an environment that is friendly, clean, safe, inviting, and different from the standard local bar in many subtle ways. A place that would have a focus on what women would want and enjoy in a local establishment. “A place for friends” that is a little bit of the big city but remains open and cordial to everyone.

The plan they have is to remodel and create a somewhat unique bar experience in DeBasement Bar by creating a new look and feel for the space with a focus on providing a friendly and clean environment with a few, uncommon to the area, bar foods “Tappas Style” – meaning smallish plates with big flavor options that are ideal for sharing and savoring while enjoying tasty beverages, perfect level background upbeat music, and great conversation. Look at the menu and see for yourself what’s different about DeBasement Bar’s food selections. Of course, there will be curds on the menu as well.

There are multiple large screen TVs for the times that sporting events are being televised and occasionally for the non-standard sporting events that hold your interest. Most of the time they will be showing the insane fails that we watch on YouTube and other streaming media.

Another element that will be provided is the Friday & Saturday night DJ Dance Parties from 9pm to close. Where Disc Jockeys will provide danceable music from all genres to keep the booty movin’ and the party rolling, i.e., Old School, New school, Hip Hop, EDM, Pop, Rock, Latin…. If it’s danceable, it’s gonna get played!

DeBasement Bar has 2 pool tables for competition & play and it’s only $1 per game.

Tuesdays will be a totally crazy, ongoing, promotion of – “2 for 1 Tuesdays”. What better way to treat a friend or be treated by your friend? Stop in on Tuesdays and see for yourself.

DeBasement Bar will also plan and schedule special events throughout the year that will be entertaining, fun, and unique. No Cheese-tastic promotions or false promises!

Keep a watchful eye on the website ( DeBasementBar.com ) and FaceBook Page ( @DeBasementBarNekoosa ) for coming events and promotions or limited engagements.

Share your experience with your social media friends while you snap, tik, tube, or stream in front of the selfie / step and repeat wall. “It’s NOT Your Mom’s Basement”

DeBasement Bar will also offer space for private parties and whole bar buy-outs when you and your “friends” want to have a private event. Check the website for booking and reserving DeBasement Bar for your personal, company, or social event.

With all of that, there are a few RULES TO LIVE BY that DeBasement Bar adheres to.

  • Nobody under 21 after 9pm.
  • Under 21 year old’s are allowed in the DeBasement Bar as long as they are accompanied by an adult parent or adult legal guardian over the age of 25 until 9pm.
  • ID may be checked at any time. If you look under 100, we want to know if it’s your birthday or if you have restrictions. Essentially, we like to card everyone. It helps us to get to know your name and where to have the driver take you home later.
  • Treat others how you would like to be treated. For those of you that don’t treat yourself well, please continue reading.
  • No verbal of physical abuse of anyone, especially, the Bartenders and Servers.
  • No rude behavior. You know when you are.
  • No Drugs, using, selling, buying, or sharing.
  • No Excessive Drinking. If you appear to be heavily intoxicated, it’s at the discretion of the bartender and the law that you are no longer to be served alcohol. We do have coffee and energy drinks. However, we will encourage you to head home and return another day.
  • If Asked to Leave – Do so, You’ve had enough for the night. We’ll see you tomorrow or the next day.
  • Our staff are like referees. Their decision is final. Even if you do not agree, be respectful. Their decisions are based on upholding our commitment to providing a safe and fun environment with all our guest best interests at heart.
  • No outside food or drinks are allowed to be brought in. We might make an exception for Birthday Cake.
  • No inside drinks are allowed out past the red doors.
  • No Fighting.
  • No Smoking.
  • No Vaping.
  • No Weapons.
  • No lingering with the Bartender or Server. They are working.
  • No Dogs or other Pets. Legitimate Service Dogs are acceptable. You will be asked, and, emotional support dogs/animals are NOT legitimate service dogs.
  • If Found Destroying Property – You will be barred for at least 90 days and expected to pay for any repairs.
  • If your drink isn’t “strong enough”, ask for a double or quit getting Amaretto Sours and get a whiskey.
  • Don’t even think about asking for a cosmopolitan.
  • Do not throw anything on the floor.
  • Happy is not limited to just one hour.
  • Tipping is encouraged – However, the promise of a tip doesn’t warrant a FREE over pour of liquor.
  • Please don’t nap or sleep at the bar or table. We don’t eat and drink in your bed.
  • Friends don’t let friends go thirsty. We are a place for friends, old and new.
  • Buying someone a drink is 5 times better than a handshake and 2 times better than a hug.
  • Telling lies is unacceptable. You may however grossly exaggerate.
  • Gentlemen, aim well in the facilities.
  • Ladies, No products in the toilet.
  • When you do exit, please do so quietly. Our residential neighbors and friends will appreciate it.


Let’s first take note of the building located at 318 Market Street, Nekoosa. It was built in 1910 by Mr. Stevens and since day one, the basement of the building has always been a bar and remains so to this day. Which is the location of the newly named “Debasement Bar – a Place for friends” – 2021, formerly known as Best In Town, owned & curated by Brad Best and his beautiful wife Roxanne – 2005-2015. Prior to that it was known as Downing’s and was owned & curated by Maxine (Max) Downing – 1970-2005, who provided an abundance of fond memories for many as well as some “forgotten” memories by some of those same people. Prior to that it was Red’s, owned & curated by “Red” & Geneva Sullivan – 1960-1970, and there are quite a few old timers that still talk about the good ‘ol days and the great times they had in “The Hole” which included many locals and visitors. Prior to Red’s it was the 20th Century Bar, owned and curated George & Arlene Gjertsen – Years are uncertain, but it might be in the 1942 timeframe. Well, further back than that we are working on some discovery or at least as much as we are able. It seems documentation back that far is hard to come by. But, the search goes on.

DeBasement Bar is owned and operated by Kelly Kalisz & Ken Day, For Ken, it’s a return to the area and he wanted to reconnect with the community and make a difference in the once great downtown area of Nekoosa. They discovered many opportunities for business and community development and opted to purchase the solidly built brick building at 318 Market Street where Ken had great memories from several of the businesses on each of the floors and while imbibing at Downing’s, working, cooking, & eating in the 1st floor café, or playing video games or billiards on the upper floor. Ken graduated from Nekoosa High School and promptly went into the Military after graduation. He, like many, thought he would never return to Nekoosa. Ken is returning to his hometown of Nekoosa after a few decades traveling the world during a 20-year military career and a few other businesses along the way in Okinawa – Japan, and San Diego – CA. Ken met Kelly in San Diego and convinced her to go on a crazy adventure, where she had no idea of what she was getting into with the weather and lifestyle in the Midwest.

Ken partnered in business and life with Kelly for the big and small adventures. Kelly is a Southern Californian, San Diegan, with a background in banking and accounting with a specialty of restaurant accounting. Kelly is experiencing the Mid-West for the first time and loving it. Even the unique fragrance that is the smell of the paper industry in Nekoosa. Together, they have significant background and experience in the entertainment, restaurant, bar, night club, and winery industries as owners and consultants within the global markets. They are planning and developing several businesses within the 318 Market Street building but have decided to start with the basement, “DeBasement Bar” and work their way up through the building for a few other business ventures.